How We Work


Amongst its work in helping alleviate poverty through grass roots initiatives, the OUTCAST FOUNDATION aims in particular to encourage young people to take control of their own lives, to be entrepreneurial and socially aware, not reliant on governments and businesses to provide them with jobs in the traditional sense, but to be more self-sufficient – to be the creators of wealth for themselves and their families whilst contributing to society at large through greater social and economic awareness.

The OUTCAST FOUNDATION believes that each and every person is unique and with appropriate support and guidance can make a unique contribution not only to the success and enhancement of their own lives but to society as a whole.

This concept has its parallel in the concepts of “Zero Poverty” and “”Zero Unmployment” as exceptionally well outlined by Profesor Mohammad Yunus, inventor of microcredit and Nobel Peace Prize winner, in his book A World of Three Zeroes (Scribe, October 2017).


We strongly believe that society is best served by a symbiotic fusion of profit making businesses and charitable initiatives through the mechanism of “social enterprise”, but social enterprise wherein the businesses providing financial and knowledge input are able to make a tangible commercial return on their investment resulting in a win-win scenario for both sides.



Creation of an apolitical think tank to investigate the root causes of poverty and provide workable solutions, locally, nationally and internationally. The OUTCAST think tank will draw heavil on input provided through the OUTCAST CAFE network.


Establishment of the OUTCAST CAFE concept: social venues where the underprivileged and disenfranchised can mix with dignity on equal terms with members of the general public free from stigma, unease or any feeling of embarrassment. These will be high quality venues of standards equalling some of the best the contemporary high street or mall has to offer, and will provide food and beverages in an informal and relaxing environment whilst offering information and educational resources aimed at encouraging discussion and debate. Access will be facilitated in such a way that the venues are available to all irrespective of means.

OUTCAST CAFEs will also provide a forum where businesses can meet the public, particularly the young public, in an informal and friendly environment, in order to discuss issues of common interest, such as seeking solutions to social and economic problems at the local level, and which, where applicable, might be scaled nationally and even internationally, with the OUTCAST FOUNDATION functioning as intermediary.

OUTCAST CAFES UK LTD has already been incorporated as a UK company limited by shares, currently as a wholly owned trading subsidiary of the OUTCAST FOUNDATION.


Launch of OUTCAST CLOTHING COMPANY. This is moving ahead now. A new street fashion brand with production based in the UK and Romania. A social enterprise helping alleviate poverty. This is a highly visible key part of the Outcast movement specifically targeting the young.

OUTCAST CLOTHING COMPANY LTD is incorporated as a UK company limited by shares, currently as a wholly owned trading subsidiary of the OUTCAST FOUNDATION. This is a social enterprise operating in the UK and Romania and will be a flagship Foundation brand. Commercial fashion products will follow in 2018 with the object of both promoting and funding the Foundation, however business investors are also encouraged.

OUTCAST is working with a young Romanian designer initially to create a street fashion range. Garments will be handmade, providing work for the poor in both the UK and Romania at fair rates of pay void of the typical discriminatory wages often paid in this sector.

We are currently seeking suitable workshop premises in the London area and partnership with retailers willing to work with a charity-based social enterprise.


The OUTCAST MAGAZINE, currently in the planning phase, will be a quarterly journal discussing the OUTCAST Foundation’s key areas of interest: those of alleviating poverty around the world, new developments in education, the latest developments in renewable energy and their application, financial technology, sustainable agriculture, sustainable living and news concerning the evolution of social enterprises worldwide. There will be a special section on investment opportunities and particular attention will be given to partnerships between charities and commercial enterprises with a view to mutual benefit.


It is intended that OUTCAST will be instrumental as either a provider or intermediary in the provision of Community Development Finance to those participating in startup training within our business trainining initiatives, which will focus on training in business development and management to underprivileged members of society.


OUTCAST will publish several series of guides and manuals in the fields of personal development, spiritual wellbeing and peak performance training. A large proportion will be original material developed within OUTCAST, but there will also be the introduction of works new to the anglophone world translated from other languages, and introducing highly effective practices from other parts of the world.


A wholistic approach to health and wellbeing is fundamental to the OUTCAST vision. We work with many natural health practitioners from around the world, and particularly advocate a symbiosis between contemporary alopathic medicine and wholistic healing and wellbeing practices.


Believing in sound ecological practices aligned with the use of renewable energy technologies, OUTCAST will act as an intermediary enabler and promoter both in the UK and overseas, wherever communities will gain tangible benefit from their adoption.


Regular festivals and social programmes aimed at raising and maintaining awareness of the OUTCAST aims.