Business Training

As soon as Outcast has access to suitable office accommodation and training space, courses will be developed and offered at various levels to the unemployed from the poorer strata of society (including the homeless), and to those desiring re-skilling or a change of career direction. This will be offered on a free (subject to availability) basis to suitable candidates possessing the necessary ambition and motivation.

This training is provided as an integral part of the key Outcast initiatives of Business Without Frontiers and Business for Everyone.

Tailor-made courses can also be provided on a commercial fee-paying basis to businesses and individuals not meeting the criteria for free access to training. All fees  will be in the form of donation to the Outcast Foundation and used for the furtherence of its objectives.

Entrepreneurship & Business Startup

Practical entrepreneurship and business startup including guidance on business concepts, product design and development, finding finance, marketing, accounting, tax planning, etc.

Online Marketing Skills

Training will be provided in an interactive and informal classroom enviroment, employing
whiteboard, computer terminals and mobile devices. It will take the form of both group and 1-on-1

Typical courses:

• Introduction to 0nline marketing
• E-commerce, including payment gateways
• Affiliate marketing (working with major international businesses and brands)
• Understanding online search and the search engines
• Search engine marketing
• Copywriting skills and creativity
• Social media marketing (working with Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, etc)
• Basic web property development
• Advanced web property development
• Basic visual/graphic design
• Mobile application development
• Search engine optimisation (SEO)
• Web server operation
• Employment opportunities in online services and marketing
• English language for foreigners for business and technical services
• The use of Bitcoin and other Alternative Currencies

At appropriate points in the training, students will be able to work on either group or individual
marketing projects and see the results in real time. For example, they may choose to create and
market an online store, real estate portal or business directory.