Outcast Cafés

An Outcast Café is a social venue where the underprivileged and disenfranchised can mix with dignity on equal terms with members of the general public free from stigma, unease or any feeling of embarrassment. These will be high quality venues of standards equalling some of the best the contemporary high street or mall has to offer, and will provide food and beverages in an informal and relaxing environment whilst offering information and educational resources aimed at encouraging discussion and debate. Access will be facilitated in such a way that the venues and meals are available to all, irrespective of means, through a system of sponsorship.

The idea finds some of its roots in the French café philosophique (“cafe-philo”) concept – a venue providing a grassroots forum for philosophical discussion in a convivial environment, but here adapted to addressing the needs of society, fusioning both social and business objectives.

Fundamental to the Outcast Café concept will be the serving of high quality food, locally produced and prepared on site by skilled kitchen staff – the type of food and often traditional home-made style meals people would actually choose to eat, given the chance – under the motto “Real food for real people”.

Outcast Cafés will also provide a forum where businesses can meet the public, particularly the young public, in an informal and friendly environment in order to discuss issues of common interest, such as seeking solutions to social and economic problems at the local level, and which, where applicable, might be scaled nationally and even internationally, with the OUTCAST FOUNDATION functioning as intermediary.

OUTCAST CAFES UK LTD has already been incorporated as a UK company limited by shares, currently as a wholly owned trading subsidiary of the OUTCAST FOUNDATION.

The first Outcast Café will open at a convenient location in central London. We are currently working with an architect to finalise the structural design concept and the visual scheme will be displayed online when the initial plans are available.

We have experienced catering management involved in the project which will commence as soon as a suitable site for the first café has been chosen.

OUTCAST CAFES UK LTD is established as a social enterprise with the intention of providing valuable assets to the local communities in which the cafés are situated, in addition to providing forums for discussion of topics of discussion of local, national and international importance, and where businesses can interact with the public to obtain real input on product development and strategic goals.

We are currently seeking business partners for creation of the first Outcast Café to be situated in central London.