Outcast is about real people with real lives in the real world. Outcast is about empowerment… empowerment of the individual, no matter what their background. But particularly empowerment of those comprising the poorer strata of society… those loving in poverty or having very limited means. The underprivileged. The excluded. The OUTCAST.

Increasing globalisation- of economies, of international trade, of peoples… yes, globalisation does indeed seem to be the word of the millennium… and the changing structure of societies worldwide, for example the deindustrialization of the UK and the former USSR, and the economic rise of the BRIC countries, has resulted in a growing polarisation of societies and an ever growing difference between the lives of the “haves” and “have nots”. Indeed 40% of the world’s employees  are still considered to be living in a state of technical poverty (i.e. below $2/day income), with many others in a state of “relative poverty”.

The imbalance needs to be corrected… before it is too late and societies around the world return to a state reminiscent of, indeed worse than, feudal serfdom… modern day slavery.

Outcastism means individuals having the courage to take greater control over their own lives, to be bold, to rejoice in their uniqueness, to persevere… sometimes against what appear to be overwhelming odds… and ultimately to prosper. And from their to be a beacon to others with the desire to help themselves and their families towards a better future.

Outcast aims to provide the tools, the motivation and support. It is for individuals to have the desire!