Human Rights

Human Rights for the New Man

Conversations with Osho…

Around the world, people are fighting for their human rights, which are enshrined in the UN Charter. Would you say something about this? And tell us what your own declaration of human rights for the new man are?

“One of the most fundamental things to be always remembered is that we are living in a hypocrite society….

“The people who are in power – politically, religiously, socially – are in power because civilization has not happened. A civilized world, a mature man, needs no nations – all those boundaries are false – needs no religions, because all those theologies are simple fictions.

“The people who have been for thousands of years in power – the priests, the politicians, the super-rich, they have all the powers to prevent human evolution. But the best way to prevent it is to convince man, ‘You are already civilized’, to convince man, ‘You are already a human being. You need not go through a transformation, it is unnecessary….

“Truth makes you utterly naked – naked of all lies, naked of all hypocrisies. That’s why nobody wants truth; everybody believes that he has got it….

“And when thousands of people around you – your parents, your teachers, your priests, your leaders – are all believing it, it seems almost impossible for new arrivals in the world, small children, not to be convinced of this thousands-of-years-old idea….

“So the first thing I want you to understand is that we are still barbarous. Only barbarians can do things that we have been doing for thousands of years – not human beings….

“Politicians are very, very cunning. They don’t want to be controversial, so they say only things which you like or everybody is going to like. They are not concerned with the actual situation, and the changes it needs. Their whole effort is in how to make you happy just by giving you bogus words.

“Nowhere in the world are any of the basic rights being applied.”

Excerpted from: Osho, Sermons in Stones, Talk #26

“My declaration of human rights consists of ten fundamental things.

“The first is life.

“Man has a right to dignity, to health; a right to grow, so that he can blossom into his ultimate flowering. This ultimate flowering is his right. He is born with the seeds, but the society does not provide him the soil, the right caring, the loving atmosphere.
“On the contrary, society provides a very poisonous atmosphere, full of anger, hatred, destructions, violence, war. The right to life means there should be no wars anymore….

“My second consideration is for love.

“Love should be accepted as one of the most fundamental human rights, and all societies have destroyed it. They have destroyed it by creating marriage. Marriage is a false substitute for love….

“The third most fundamental right… because these are the three most important things in life: life, love, and death.

“Everybody should be given the fundamental right that after a certain age, when he has lived enough and does not want to go on dragging unnecessarily…. Because tomorrow will be again just a repetition; he has lost all curiosity about tomorrow. He has every right to leave the body. It is his fundamental right.
“It is his life. If he does not want to continue, nobody should prevent him….

“Between these three comes the fourth: the search for truth.

“Nobody should be conditioned from childhood about any religion, any philosophy, any theology, because you are destroying his freedom of search. Help him to be strong enough. Help him to be strong enough to doubt, to be skeptical about all that is believed all around him. Help him never to believe, but to insist on knowing. And whatever it takes, however long it takes, to go for the pilgrimage alone, on his own, because there is no other way to find the truth….

“Fifth: to find the truth, all education systems from the kindergarten to the universities will create a certain atmosphere for meditation.

“Meditation does not belong to any religion, and meditation is not a belief. It is a pure science of the inner.
“Learning to be silent, learning to be watchful, learning to be a witness; learning that you are not the mind, but something beyond – the consciousness – will prepare you to receive truth….

“The sixth: freedom in all dimensions.

“We are not even as free as birds and animals. No bird goes to the passport office. Any moment he can fly into Pakistan; no entry visa. Strange, that only man remains confined in nations, in boundaries. Because the nation is big, you tend to forget that you are imprisoned. You cannot get out of it, you cannot get into it. It is a big prison, and the whole earth is full of big prisons.
“Freedom in all dimensions means that man, wherever he is born, is part of one humanity.
“Nations should dissolve, religions should dissolve, because they are all creating bondages….

“Seventh: one earth, one humanity.

“I don’t see any reason at all why there should be so many nations. Why should there be so many lines on the map? And they are only on the map, remember. They are not on the earth; neither are they in the sky. And the map is man-made.
“Existence has not created this earth in fragments….

“Eighth: uniqueness of every individual.

“A very beautiful word has been misused so utterly that it is difficult to imagine, and that word is equality….

“Every man is unique. The moment you are all equal you are a crowd, your individuality has been taken away. You are no longer yourself but just a cog in the wheel.
“I teach not equality, not inequality – I teach uniqueness. Every individual is unique and needs to be respected in his uniqueness. Because every individual is unique, the birthright should be: equal opportunity for their growth of uniqueness….

“Ninth: a world government.

“I am absolutely against governments. I am for one government for the whole world. That means no war will be possible; that means there will be no need to keep millions of people in armies unnecessarily. They can be productive, they can be helpful, and if they are merged into humanity, all poverty will disappear….

“And tenth: meritocracy.

“Democracy has failed. We have lived under many kinds of governments – aristocracy, monarchy, city democracies – and now we have seen the whole world getting addicted to the idea of democracy. But democracy has not solved any problems; it has increased the problems….

“Democracy means government by the people, of the people, for the people – but it is only in words….

“It is not the people who rule, but the people who are chosen by them. What are your grounds for choosing? How do you manage to choose…?

“The ignorant masses can be exploited very easily by very insignificant things….

“A new kind of system is needed, based on merit….

“Meritocracy means that only people who are educated in a certain area should be able to vote in that area. For example, only the educationists of the country should choose the education minister. Then you will have the best education minister possible….

“Then we will have the cream of our genius, and we can depend on this cream to make the life of all humanity more peaceful, more blissful, more rich.
“This idea I call a meritocracy….

“Up to now, whatever has happened has been accidental. Our history up to now is nothing but a history of accidents.
“We have to stop this. Now we have to decide that the future is not going to be accidental. It will be created by us; and to create our world can be the greatest creation possible.”

Excerpted from: Osho, Sermons in Stones, Talk #29