The UK Poverty Industry Exposed

We are outcast

I’m sick of hearing about these things… hostels, night shelters, outreach teams, rough sleeping, day centres… homelessness. Get real! Most of the so-called “solutions” to the state of poverty do little more than provide a sticking-plaster that will suppress one or more symptoms for a day or two, but… surprise, surprise… permit, sometimes even encourage, the malady to re-emerge, often astonishingly quickly, and sometimes even in a more virulent form.

The pathology of poverty seems to have quite a lot in common with that of many illnesses. And, as hopefully we all now realise, the expedient of simply covering up an illness for a period of time, has little to do with providing an actual cure. It has more to do with passing the buck, keeping bums on seats in the related support service industries, and ultimately further lining the already over-bloated pockets of “big pharma” execs and their shareholders.

The same is true of many aspects of the poverty industry and its highly visible and extremely profitable sidekick, the homelessness industry, which seem to have more to do with creating warm, fuzzy feelings in the hearts of the many donors – governmental, institutional, and private – than providing real help where it’s actually needed and has a chance of doing some good.

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