Looking towards a brighter future

A New Business Paradigm

Businesses are here to make profits but are increasingly becoming socially aware. Partnering symbiotically with NGOs and charities, sharing specialised knowledge and expertise, can provide immense benefits to everyone concerned. The resulting social enterprises are not only able to generate profits of their own accord for both parties involved but also address social issues which can be local, national or even international in reach and scale.

Education is the Answer

Poverty is like a disease. It can be deadly. And it can result from any number of reasons. Nor is it any respector of race, colour, creed or age. Poverty is all around us. We can be born into it or it can be inflicted upon us, perhaps through loss of employment, breakdown of a relationship, or health issues.

Getting out of poverty is never easy, but appropriate education can play a major part. Outcast helps people take control of their own lives. Let's face it - if we don't take control of our own life and destiny, then someone else most likely will. And rarely with the most beneficial outcome.

Outcast will help in educating and training people to be more responsible for their own destiny. To get motivated and stay motivated. To develop their unique talents and capabilities and prosper according to their own merits, benefiting not only themselves and their families but potentially society as a whole.

True Partnership

Charities and charitable NGOs tend to view poverty in its various manifestations somewhat like a hospital views its patients - treating them, patching them up, then sending them on their way. Probably to return again in the future for more patching up. A never ending cycle.

The Outcast method is to treat problems at source, getting to their root, and fixing them. This can often be a lengthy process, but the results can be very rewarding and worthwhile.

Working at close quarters with social issues - at grass roots level - often in combination with local business - can result in true partnerships on an equal footing that are not only able to resolve the problems but produce workable solutions that are transferable to other areas, groups, and even other countries.

No Borders

The world is full of borders and artificial barriers. The world was not built this way. It seems that the more "advanced" that societies become, the more borders and barriers are erected - physical, legal and even psychological barriers. These barriers are created by one thing... fear.

It was not always this way. Even passports are a relatively recent phenomenon. Now barriers exist everywhere - from trade barriers, to proposed walls between countries, to barriers inhibiting the movement of refugees.

Outcast will work wherever humanly possible on both sides of barriers, to facilitate trade, help resolve global problems, and promote understanding between peoples and nations - ultimately to remove all kinds of artificial barrier.