Fundamental to the Outcast approach is solving as many underlying problems that individuals have before moving on to help them on to the path of economic recovery, out of poverty, and hopefully into a new life of greater prosperity for themselves and their families.

Many people in this world are born into poverty, others have it thrust upon them. Poverty is like an illness. And just like an illness, it can be treated. Whatever the underlying cause, it is essential that this is fixed, and fixed permanently.

The Outcast Foundation has available a range of totally natural therapies and programmes available free of charge to those seriously desiring to get out of their current situation and increase their capacity and ability to undertake meaningful work, typically leading to a life greater prosperity and fulfilment.

Tyical programmes involve discovery of the underlying problems, often resulting from childhood trauma or family related, or inherited issues, then removing them and their harmful effects from the subconscious mind. These negative factors are then, over a period of time, replaced with positive beliefs which will eventually lead to a feeling of significantly higher self-worth, increased capacity for learning and growth, and greater motivation for embarking on the upwards journey.