Outcast Fashion

Development of the Outcast Fashion brand is now moving ahead in the shape of the OUTCAST CLOTHING COMPANY. This is a new street fashion brand with production based in the UK and Romania. A social enterprise helping alleviate poverty. This is a highly visible key part of the Outcast movement specifically targeting the young.

OUTCAST CLOTHING COMPANY LTD is incorporated as a UK company limited by shares, currently as a wholly owned trading subsidiary of the OUTCAST FOUNDATION. This is a social enterprise operating in the UK and Romania and will be a flagship Foundation brand. Commercial fashion products will follow in 2018 with the object of both promoting and funding the Foundation, however business investors are also encouraged.

OUTCAST is working with a young Romanian designer initially to create a street fashion range. Garments will be handmade, providing work for the poor in both the UK and Romania at fair rates of pay void of the typical discriminatory wages often paid in this sector.

We are currently seeking suitable workshop premises in the London area and partnership with retailers willing to work with a charity-based social enterprise.